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Moss Appeal – In Conversation with Greenstems’ Heather March

"I’m more of an artist than an entrepreneur, and I consider myself lucky that I made a business out of what I love to do, and because it’s unique, a lot of people are drawn to it. "

Chris Murphy Fervid Solutions

Chris Murphy

Director of Communications

Green Stems residential art installation


Heather March

Contrary to Kermit, it’s actually easy being green. Indeed, Heather March, owner of Greenstems, is making the world greener and more beautiful one wall at a time, and Vancouver is better off for it!

Her green walls and plant art are innovative, unique, timeless, artistic, decorative, low-maintenance and fabulous all at once.We love her work so much that we needed to meet the woman behind the verdure! 

Around the World and Back

What led you do open Greenstems?

“Well, I had a small landscaping design business in Toronto, and after a number of years I wanted to be somewhere that I could work year-round, and Toronto wasn’t that place. So, I decided to move to Australia–an exciting adventure for me. However, after a while, I felt distant from my family and friends and decided to come back to Canada. I ended up in Vancouver because on way to Australia, I stayed here for a while and it just seemed like a natural choice after Australia as I could work here year-round. Originally, I decided to go into floral work, so Greenstems started as a brick and mortar shop, but I offered greenwalls because I felt that it was a representation of my studies and passion for landscape design–I just brought it into an interior format.”

“We did that for three and a half years and the installation work went way beyond any reason for a walk-in store and I was off-site so much of the time, so we made the transition four years ago to the studio set up. It was the best decision ever!”


moss art
moss art


Green Spaces from Green Places

Where do you get your moss from?

“I am proud that my moss comes from a family run farm. They’ve been in the business for 30 years and it’s all harvested sustainably. ”



The Artist and the Entrepreneur

How do people find out about what you do?

“I’m more of an artist than an entrepreneur, and I consider myself lucky that I made a business out of what I love to do, and because it’s unique, a lot of people are drawn to it. I feel like it’s a very West Coast passion to have plants in one’s environment; however, not everyone is able to care for their plants properly, so the preserved aspect of what I do resonates with corporate clients who generally want things to look perfect all the time.

People will see my large 100 square foot walls in retail shops and offices and then go online and see that we also do custom-sized residential pieces too. A lot of people also find us through Instagram and DM me with requests.”

moss art
moss art


A Collective Hug

As a businesswoman, is there any advice you can give to other women interested in starting their own venture? 

 “When I first came to Vancouver, I joined a business networking group and that was pivotal. When I opened my doors, people were there to walk through them! I feel like everybody in Vancouver was a big hug.

People really reached out and wanted to help. I’ve always been respected by my clients and people in the trade. I think if you come to the table with knowledge and experience and you communicate that to your clients, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman.”

moss art office


Follow Greenstems!

If you haven’t experienced Heather’s creations, check out her website and follow her on Instagram!


moss art office

moss art
moss art
moss art
moss art

moss art office


moss art office

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