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Inspirational Stories.
Aspirational Readers.

"I am human; therefore, nothing human can be alien to me."

Chris Murphy Fervid Solutions

Chris Murphy

Director of Communications

Inspirational Stories. Aspirational Readers.


We are storytelling creatures. We always have been. As one of the twentieth century’s greatest storytellers, Dr. Loren Eiseley, once remarked, “On the flat surfaces of cave walls, the three dimensions of the outside world took animal shape and form.” Indeed, the need to tell our stories is innately and uniquely human. It’s a sentiment that evokes the words of Terence, the ancient Roman slave turned free and revered playwright:


 “I am human; therefore, nothing human can be alien to me.


It’s a powerful statement because it suggests the idea that if an individual can achieve something great, so can another because we are all part of the same human family. So, if Mozart can write a symphony, I can try as well; if Shakespeare can write poetry, I can put pen to paper too. Because I am human, I have the same potential as any other human. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why the narratives of our lives are so powerful and empowering.  So often when we hear people’s stories, we connect with their lives in very meaningful ways--their experiences and achievements give us permission to try as well, to take that leap of faith and forge ahead with our dreams. They did it. Perhaps we can too.


A Handbook for Life

People often say there is no handbook for life. That’s a fallacy. The myriad of personal narratives offered by people who have walked down roads less travelled, traversed the treacherous paths, and, yes, went boldly where no person has gone before have, collectively, written that guidebook for us!


Gurus, Prophets, Poets and Storytellers are all of Imagination Compact

There really is no situation or experience that you are going through that someone hasn’t written about. From our ancestors who painted images on those cave walls to Shakespeare and Joan Didion, these teachers, gurus, prophets, poets, and artists are perpetually reaching out to us through space and time to inspire, to guide and teach—and it behooves us to listen.


The Power of Personal Narrative

We see ourselves in them because we are them and they are us. In this way, Fervid Forum seeks to explore the power of personal narrative, specifically as a means to inspire those who aspire to become effective leaders in business, whether it be small or large.


Unique Experiences

The idea for Fervid Forum came about when it occurred to us that we’ve had the good fortune of being inspired by our amazing clients, but sadly, most people haven’t had the opportunity to benefit from their unique experiences the way we have.


The Necessity of Narrative!

It seemed logical, then, to create a forum where their stories have a way of reaching others! It is our hope that they help guide, instruct, teach, caution, explain, enlighten, edify, and warn. But, most of all, we hope they inspire!



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